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ZQ is so GQ that he spread the awesome to all his Heroes castmates

Heroes GQMF's
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A place for BAMFs to discuss Heroes
A place open to all, but originally created for the BAMFs of ontd_startrek to discuss Heroes when Zachary Quinto isn't in the episode long enough to have dicussion posted there.

Follow us on Twitter! @gqmf_heroes!

The rules:

1. Posting is moderated. There will be a discussion post once a week, and soon a re-watch thread for S1, other than that, anything on topic is allowed: news about the actors, the show, gifs/photos, etc. No more than two animated gifs before the cut, please.

2. Spoilers for UPCOMING episodes must always be placed behind the cut and the pre-cut material must clearly state that such spoilers are present. If spoiler-phobic, avoid the thread. We're adults here, if you don't want to be spoiled, stay out of the threads.

3. Spoilers for the current week: after 9pm PST anything goes. The weekly discussion post, by its very nature, will be spoiler-filled. If you don't want to be spoiled, avoid it til you've seen the ep :D

That's it for now. Questions? Problems? Contact me via private message or at oshunanat at livejournal.com. You may also contact greatbriton103 via private message in my absence. Requests will be considered. You may not get what you want right then and there, but I will note all requests and if there are enough of a similar nature, I'll take action later.

Layout courtesy refuted ♥ Thanks bb!

Miss an Episode?
Poor thing! No worries, G4 and the interwebs are here to save you! Replays can be found on NBC, Hulu and G4 has replays Tuesdays at 10pm (check local listings!)

~Other GQMFs, BB~